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My name's Laura. 19 years old. Venezuelan.

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Las mujeres de esta generación no saben cocinar como sus madres, pero aprendieron a tomar como sus padres.

Eso sí es revolución.


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sara, baby

tegan, baby

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Tegan Tuesday has come early this week. Fedora Edition!

With Bowl Cut Sara Sunday.

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the most awkward thing is shutting your friends car door like do i shut it hard or do i shut it soft????? i dont want them to think im weak if i shut it hard but i dont want them to yell at me if its hard!!!!

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one of my favorite things about hiking is when i come across a strange structure deep in the woods and am left to wonder how and why and when

how: demons. why: demon portal. when: 5 pm demon time

it’s always 5pm demon time, somewhere